29 August 2008

Staten Island: Part of New York City, or not?

If you've ever taken a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, you'll know that the ride lasts 25 minutes from end to end, at the blazing fast average speed of about 12.5 miles per hour. If you look at any of the boats they use for this service, you'll notice that three strings of text are emblazoned on each side.
  • Staten Island Ferry (Duh!)
  • Dept. of Transportation (The agency which operates the Ferry.)
  • City of New York
However, I found something interesting aboard the Spirit of America, one of their newer boats.

A bus map of Manhattan, with a label which reads, "NYC Bus Map."
A bus map of Manhattan. Note, however, that the label on the lower left reads, "NYC Bus Map." If it were really a NYC bus map, it would show all 5 boroughs on it, not just Manhattan!

You Are Here sign, identifying the ends of the boat as "Staten Island End" and "New York City End."
Second, one of those "You Are Here" signs on the boat. Note that it identifies the ends of the boat as the "Staten Island End" and the "New York City End."

Isn't Staten Island part of New York City? If so, why doesn't it say, "Manhattan End" at the end of the boat opposite the Staten Island end?

Looks like someone needs to look at a map of New York City! Either that, or just give the whole island to New Jersey. That's closer, anyway!

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