01 April 2011

Be careful of the moving platform.

14th Street-Union Square (IRT), Uptown platform

These new countdown displays are nice. They tell you how long you can expect to wait for your train. They tell you important messages related to subway service, and in this case, they give some sort of safety message. For those who are not aware, this station has platform gap fillers (also referred to as "moving platforms") installed on the downtown platform, due to the severe curvature of the platform.

The thing is that the uptown platform does not have platform gap fillers, but the message is displayed on the displays hanging over the uptown platform anyway. Isn't it nice to be warned about something that exists in one location, but doesn't exist in another?

01 March 2011

Rhymes With…

Carrot, Claret, Carat, Parrot… Nothing ending with the "o" sound, that's for sure.