24 October 2004

Tower Does Tha Ghettospeak

Tower Records, 66th & Broadway.
Marquee from the Tower Records storefront. It reads in part, "THA DAY AFTER TOMORROW."
So tha so-called "ghettospeak" has seeped into tha marquee of tha store.

21 October 2004

It gets cold in New York, but not THIS cold!

A clock/thermometer display showing a temperature of negative 75 degrees.
55th Street & Broadway, Manhattan, 21 October 2004, 22:27:23

You're not seeing things. This clock/thermometer is actually saying that the temperature is -75°. In other words, SEVENTY-FIVE DEGREES BELOW ZERO! I am assuming that this is in the Fahrenheit scale, because if it were Centigrade, it would be even colder! However, with the date and time provided above, the weather records clearly indicate that the actual temperature was nowhere near this otherwise record low for this or any date in New York City.

08 October 2004

Looks like there's a building here already.

Banner on a building. The banner says, "BUILDING Coming Soon."
Banner on a building in Kew Gardens, Queens
That's funny. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that there's already a building there! In fact, the building came before the banner did!
Also, it looks like the banner originally said, "Coming soom." I guess the sign makers didn't want to spend the money to make a brand new banner, to hang from the building that's been there since before this banner was made.