06 November 2004

Is It Really DOG FOOD?

Vintage 1943 ad for Gaines Dog Food
This vintage 1943 advertisement, found on R1 car 381, seems like an innocent ad for dog food. There are so many references to this being for dogs.
  • The emphasis on the word Dog on the bag
  • The drawing of a dog on the bag
  • The word DOG on the bowl
  • The dog apparently eating from the bowl
  • The tag line, Give your Dog his daily vitamins
  • The expanded name, Gaines Complete Dog Food
Then, there's something startling in the first bullet point: Used by U. S. Army.

Don't tell me they were feeding Dog Food to those soldiers!

02 November 2004

How Far Is It to the LIRR?

A sign on the wall adjacent to the top of a set of stairs from below reads, LIRR: 2 blocks. An exit sign on the wall near the bottom of a second set of stairs leading to the surface includes, LIRR: 3 blocks.

At the Vernon-Jackson station in Long Island City, you have these signs. One says that it's only 2 blocks to the LIRR. The other says it's 3 blocks to the LIRR. So which is it? It's actually two short blocks (from 50th Avenue to Borden Avenue), followed by a long block, that's about the length of two-and-a-half blocks (from Vernon Boulevard to 5th Street). You can see the neighborhood in the map below.

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