01 April 2011

Be careful of the moving platform.

14th Street-Union Square (IRT), Uptown platform

These new countdown displays are nice. They tell you how long you can expect to wait for your train. They tell you important messages related to subway service, and in this case, they give some sort of safety message. For those who are not aware, this station has platform gap fillers (also referred to as "moving platforms") installed on the downtown platform, due to the severe curvature of the platform.

The thing is that the uptown platform does not have platform gap fillers, but the message is displayed on the displays hanging over the uptown platform anyway. Isn't it nice to be warned about something that exists in one location, but doesn't exist in another?

01 March 2011

Rhymes With…

Carrot, Claret, Carat, Parrot… Nothing ending with the "o" sound, that's for sure.

15 July 2010

Oh No!

The Exit has been replaced by a Museum!

02 April 2010

330 cm³

Here's an example of a little-used unit of volume: the cubic centimeter. Here, it is clearly written as cm³. However, it has two more common equivalents: cubic centimeters — expressed using "cc," and milliliters (mL). Other liquid products throughout most supermarkets use mL as their metric measurement of volume, though cc and cm³ are one-to-one equivalents. Why not just use mL then? I guess they would answer with something similar to what Abe Simpson once said:

“My car gets forty rods to the hogshead, and that’s the way I likes it!”

02 November 2009

Make Your Car Shin!

If your car is dirty and you don't know what to do, Well come make it look shinny and new!
Sure, and after that, we can go watch The Shinning.

24 October 2009

13 July 2009


Ad on a bus:

There's something about putting your service area on a sign marked "DANGER" that screams, "Don't do business with us!"

This does not look right…

The back of an Orion 7 bus (3694) on the Q60.

29 April 2009

That Familiar Web Browser

Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of the familiar Web browser that you are most comfortable using.

So in other words, Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of Firefox?

25 April 2009

No Job Is Too Small… Almost.

No job is too small, except correctly spelling “painters.”

17 March 2009

Transfer to the…

I thought they closed this in 1973.

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14 March 2009

C105e it!

C105e teh d00r y0u 1aundry n00b!

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05 March 2009

Dial "O" for Out of Your Mind

First off, this isn't a phone, so there wouldn't be a receiver. Second, unless this phone had a QWERTY keyboard, there wouldn't be an O key! Besides, DTMF tones don't support dialing O. They can dial 0, but not O.

This 0/O confusion is why I always write my zeroes like this: 0̸

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08 December 2008

The B61 goes HERE???

Location: Chelsea Piers

Since when does the B61, a route that starts in Red Hook, Brooklyn and goes through Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint before terminating in Long Island City, make a a stop here?

13 November 2008

Wrong Beverley, Beverly!

This screenshot taken with my iPhone shows an art display in a subway station. The caption identifies the station as "Beverley Road and Nostrand Avenue on the Q line." Whoever wrote this caption needs to look at a subway map. Beverley/Nostrand is NOT on the Q line! It is on the 2 and 5 lines! Not only that, the station at Nostrand Avenue is fully underground. The station in the photo is in an open cut. The image is indeed of a station on the Q line, but it's Beverley Road and East 16th Street.

04 November 2008

Didn't They Discontinue This?

With all the money Microsoft is putting in to promote Windows Vista, why are they still promoting Windows XP on this mall advertising sign?

29 October 2008

It's 8 PM...

...Do you know where your 8th Avenue-bound L train is?

Well, it's not 36 minutes from here (6th Avenue), that's for sure.
It's that train on the left.

HOW Long Until the Next L?

2008.10.29 19:52

There must be a glitch in the "Next Train" system on the L line. The sign says the next L train isn't for 27 minutes, but it looks like the next L train is arriving right now!

It's one thing to repave a street, but...

Why bother painting the double yellow lines when you're going to pave over them in a day or two?

19 September 2008

0:08 AM

Taken just shortly after midnight, the clock on this R142 car reads, "0:08 AM." It's a mix between the computer's internal 24-hour clock and the forced formatting of the time into a double-12 AM/PM format. However, they seemed to have left out the line of code which says that if the hour is 0, then the display should show 12 as the hour.

Either that, or they should just drop the AM/PM bit, and just go to using a 24-hour clock on the display, like they did with the R110A and R110B.

29 August 2008

Staten Island: Part of New York City, or not?

If you've ever taken a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, you'll know that the ride lasts 25 minutes from end to end, at the blazing fast average speed of about 12.5 miles per hour. If you look at any of the boats they use for this service, you'll notice that three strings of text are emblazoned on each side.
  • Staten Island Ferry (Duh!)
  • Dept. of Transportation (The agency which operates the Ferry.)
  • City of New York
However, I found something interesting aboard the Spirit of America, one of their newer boats.

A bus map of Manhattan, with a label which reads, "NYC Bus Map."
A bus map of Manhattan. Note, however, that the label on the lower left reads, "NYC Bus Map." If it were really a NYC bus map, it would show all 5 boroughs on it, not just Manhattan!

You Are Here sign, identifying the ends of the boat as "Staten Island End" and "New York City End."
Second, one of those "You Are Here" signs on the boat. Note that it identifies the ends of the boat as the "Staten Island End" and the "New York City End."

Isn't Staten Island part of New York City? If so, why doesn't it say, "Manhattan End" at the end of the boat opposite the Staten Island end?

Looks like someone needs to look at a map of New York City! Either that, or just give the whole island to New Jersey. That's closer, anyway!

28 August 2008

About This Blog

This blog will eventually be the home of the Gallery of Absurd Stuff (GAS), currently located here and here. I've decided to convert the gallery into blog form so I don't have to bother with writing all the HTML code myself. This also gives me a chance to upload better versions of the photos currently in the GAS, as well as add some new stuff (and let me tell you, I have a LOT of new stuff). So sit back and enjoy!

NOTE: As I add some of the old stuff onto the blog, you may notice the date of these so-called "new" posts being from several years ago. I will be using the date the photo was taken (or the date the film was developed for photos I took using film) to set the date and time of the blog post.

27 August 2008

Rameedial Speling, Pleez!

In order to even enroll as a student at Queens College, you need a high school diploma or a GED. Apparently, that requirement isn't necessary to advertise rooms for rent to Queens College students. In fact, it seems that anyone with a word processor and a printer can hammer out a message, print it out, and post it wherever they please. It doesn't matter if the message looks like it was written by a kid who failed second-grade spelling, like these two.

One Bedroom for Rent. A nice building with security guard, elevator, laundry, and parking space in Kew Gardens. Tow blocks away from Quess College. No pets! For more information please contact me: (917)…
How many blocks away from where? First off, tow is not a number. It's what happens to your car if you're parked on the street where you're not supposed to. Then there's Quess College. Where the heck is that? It's certainly nowhere near where this sign was posted. You couldn't get the spelling of the institution, despite the myriad signs bearing its name, as well as its proper spelling. Grade: C+.

Let's see… One, two, three… SIX words misspelled here, including two of the most important ones: the name of the institution. QWEENS COLGE? Nope, don't know of any "qweens colge" around here. Maybe you should try again when you get a good English dictionary. Grade: F.

06 November 2004

Is It Really DOG FOOD?

Vintage 1943 ad for Gaines Dog Food
This vintage 1943 advertisement, found on R1 car 381, seems like an innocent ad for dog food. There are so many references to this being for dogs.
  • The emphasis on the word Dog on the bag
  • The drawing of a dog on the bag
  • The word DOG on the bowl
  • The dog apparently eating from the bowl
  • The tag line, Give your Dog his daily vitamins
  • The expanded name, Gaines Complete Dog Food
Then, there's something startling in the first bullet point: Used by U. S. Army.

Don't tell me they were feeding Dog Food to those soldiers!

02 November 2004

How Far Is It to the LIRR?

A sign on the wall adjacent to the top of a set of stairs from below reads, LIRR: 2 blocks. An exit sign on the wall near the bottom of a second set of stairs leading to the surface includes, LIRR: 3 blocks.

At the Vernon-Jackson station in Long Island City, you have these signs. One says that it's only 2 blocks to the LIRR. The other says it's 3 blocks to the LIRR. So which is it? It's actually two short blocks (from 50th Avenue to Borden Avenue), followed by a long block, that's about the length of two-and-a-half blocks (from Vernon Boulevard to 5th Street). You can see the neighborhood in the map below.

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24 October 2004

Tower Does Tha Ghettospeak

Tower Records, 66th & Broadway.
Marquee from the Tower Records storefront. It reads in part, "THA DAY AFTER TOMORROW."
So tha so-called "ghettospeak" has seeped into tha marquee of tha store.

21 October 2004

It gets cold in New York, but not THIS cold!

A clock/thermometer display showing a temperature of negative 75 degrees.
55th Street & Broadway, Manhattan, 21 October 2004, 22:27:23

You're not seeing things. This clock/thermometer is actually saying that the temperature is -75°. In other words, SEVENTY-FIVE DEGREES BELOW ZERO! I am assuming that this is in the Fahrenheit scale, because if it were Centigrade, it would be even colder! However, with the date and time provided above, the weather records clearly indicate that the actual temperature was nowhere near this otherwise record low for this or any date in New York City.